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    I have just done my ML Training and am going through the consolidation period. I am from Manchester and am looking for people (or know of people) who are interested in being took out in the mountains for day walks. I am mainly looking at using the Lakes and Snowdonia as my mountain area.

    Please could people reply if they know of any possible people for this, it would be a great help to me.



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    Try at a local high school which does Duke of Ed.
    They are desperate usually for helpers for weekend and evening walks. They should pay for your enhanced CRB check if you're going to give a regular commitment.

    Working alongside regular and experienced leaders is also excellent for picking up that part of the skill range.

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    Any hillwalking you do with a group will help towards your ML. If you are the nominal leader that's best, but it doesn't need to be a formal thing. You just need to put yourself in a situation where you can select the route and make the decisions about navigation. There are lots of ways to do this. Joining a club such as a hillwalking or mountaineering club or YHA group is fine and will give you some interesting leadership challenges. Or you could go along to an OM meet and offer to lead a route.
    Alternatively you could nominate a date and location on here, and invite people to join you.

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    adam hi,
    I am also working towards my ML, i have registered but not yet done the course.
    I joined om to get experiance and also Gloucetershire mountaineering club for the same.
    If you ever want to set up a walk to do your ticky boxes let me know it could assist both of us.......................

    Which would be very handy ..........

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