"Breakout Exmoor - The South West Coast Path", double page spread captioned "A wonderful view out over Exmoor from the flanks of Selworthy Beacon" should actually read "A wonderful view out over Bratton towards Dunkery from Woodcombe". Selworthy Beacon's miles away. You won't see this view from the coast path.

Andy is correct that the sculpture at the start of the Coast Path is hideous and totally out of keeping with it's fishing cottage environment. But the "rugged alternative" which winds around the top of the sea cliffs is more exiting than the track along the top of the hill.

Also, not mentioned, at the far end of North Hill take the "Dangerous Path" down to Bossington for a suprisingly exiting traverse along the cliff.

At the Foreland it is possible to walk along the western side of the point up from the lighthouse to Countisbury, rather than go back up the road. It'll frighten the life out of you though, and not advisable in a strong westerly.

It is possible to catch a bus from Minehead to Lynmouth and walk back.