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    I was so sad to hear of Yossi Brain?s fatal accident on your web site. I?d certainly like to add my thoughts to Jon?s in his article. My memories of Yossi are from a trek in Ecuador that he lead in xmas 97. He was such a great guy. He was a super leader, an exceptional climber and so keen to pass on his knowledge. I?ll certainly be having a quite thought for Yossi tomorrow

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    Yossi's ashes are actually being scattered on Sunday. My mistake, I think altitude killed more of my brain cells than I realised. I am constantly astounded by the number of people who knew him, seems to have met virtually everyone who passed through Boliva or Ecuador.

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    I also have a good memory of Yossi. I stayed with him in La Paz for a couple of weeks in 1995 as he lived with a friend of a friend - and my memory is of a mountain-mad extrovert intent on having a good time, both in the mountains and in town. A real character, a pleasure to have met.

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