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Thread: Tips to go to Taipet

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    I am going to Taipetnext month,does anyone can give me some suggestions of HongKong? If someonehave any boots-on-the-ground knowledge of Taipetis better!!!

    Thanks in advance!!!

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    Try checking out the Lonely Planet travellers forum maybe, ok linkk.
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    I like to travel. My great ambition is to travel around the world once in my life. The Trevor's information is much enough to get details regarding travel to Taipet.

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    I am sure that the given suggestions are truly helpful, even though its been a while but it looks truly fascinating and it has most of the things that would amaze and entertain a traveler.
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    Thats really cool.I really this idea also love to go there.thank you for the post

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    Thats idea really inspired me! Thank you for sharing!

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    Do you miss spelling Taipet and Taipei? Taipei is an island and Hongkong is in the mainland of China. Taipei people have a lot of differences with Chinese
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    Is there someone who has information on where to visit and where to eat in Taipei? I'll go there next month but dont have much info about it.
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    It is beautiful place.

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