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Thread: Hello everyone. Any have any Exmoor tips?

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    Hi there. Just joined and I must say this place is a little gem!

    I love being off the beaten track (Ex army) and I'm hoping if anyone has some little nuggets for a week I'm spending in Exmoor in September (I like to prepare and need new kit!)

    I will be camping on a site and out for about 9 hours a day on walks. Looking for places that are off the beaten track and not accessible by chavs in designer trainers (Sorry chavs)

    Happy to drive to a starting point and navigate a circular route including scrabbling up places (If there are such places!)

    Thanks all and I look forward to any tips and hopefully offering advice as well, during my time here


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    Hi Tim, and a warm welcome to OM Forum to you. A good few OMers down that way, so am sure you will get some helpful replies to this very soon.
    Trevor DC Gamble

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    Cheers Trevor

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