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    I'm working at a show in Nottingham in June 9/10, and thought I'd spend the Sat and Sunday in the peak district, camping the Friday and Sat night. Have you any recommendations on good places to walk with campsites that are easy to get to via public transport from Nottingham?

    I'd thought of doing Mam Tor and staying close to Castleton but might be a bit of hassle to get there. (though maybe a bus to Chesterfield and one to Castleton?)


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    You could try train travel to and from Edale railway station.

    A quick look here suggests that there are fairly frequent weekday trains from Nottingham to Sheffield.

    There seem to be direct weekday trains from Sheffield to Edale (hourly service weekdays, no change of train).

    Sunday might be a reduced service - check.

    There are campsites within walking distance of Edale station - the best-known is Coopers which is near the Nags head pub.

    Walks from Edale include the Great Ridge, Rushup, Castleton, and various routes on and around Kinder.

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