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    Hi guys can anyone point me to a nice area on Exmoor I can do an overnighter in a tent and not disturb anyone? Couple of miles to walk in is good, old back cant take much any more .

    Im down at Minehead in July as wife, kids and I are at Butlins and I want to escape for a while. Doesn't seem like there is hardly anything out there on camping on Exmoor is it not very good??? Or are there fun spoiler patrols???

    Wont be having any fires or anything daft, I'll be all by myself.

    Thanks in advance

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    So does no-one ever go to Exmoor then???

    Is that because of 'the beast'?

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    People go, they just don't want to talk about it apparently!

    If your picture is anything to go by, I think the Beast will leave you alone!

    The only time I have stayed in Exmoor, it has been on proper campsites or holiday cottage. - Very pretty area - If you get the chance, do the coast road from Hunters Inn to Lynton to Porlock.

    Re wildcamping - I wouldn't have thought you would have too much problem, loads of woodland & open space in the area. Riddled with footpaths

    I have met a few people doing Two Moors Way & Macmillan Way who were wildcamping as they went - so - Dunkerybeacon, Tarr Steps, Simonsbath etc -

    Food for thought.

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