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Thread: Fugawi UK Digital Maps Ver 2 workaround

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    Hi there.

    I need some help to link my old software and new GPS together.

    I've begun to use my old Fugawi UK Digital Maps Ver 2 software again.

    This is because I was bought a nice new Garmin Etrex 20x.

    I still have my old original Etrex (Yellow) and I was using it with a USB cable and software that made it work fine with the Fugawi. However the Fugawi won't recognise my new 20x. I've tried using both Basecamp and GPS Babel to try and get the files over but they won't seem to transfer.

    The fugawi saves file in RTE!

    Does anyone have any suggestions for a workaround?

    Or can I fake a com port via a USB port?

    Will Basecamp recognise my old Etrex via the USBPort.

    Im not keen to throw away the Fugawi software as I like using it and I have bought all the maps for the UK worth 100

    Thanks from Bob.

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    You can fake a com port via usb but finding one with the right amount of pins and it may may need to be male to male or female to female which is not your normal type com cable.
    I tried this withy geko 201 but it still didnt work.
    May have the cable still but not guarenteed.
    Message me if you cant find one i try to find mine.

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    You need to update the fugawi software.

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    Ive solved it!!!!!!

    here it is.
    1. create a route in Fugawi.
    2. I connected my old Etrex (yellow) to the PC and downloaded the route to the Etrex.
    3. I connect my Etrex (yellow) to the PC and opened EasyGPS and uploaded the route to EasyGPS.
    4. Connected the 20x to the PC and downloaded the route onto the 20x via EasyGPS.
    5. Route is now on the 20x. Phew!

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    I'm sure you should be able to either export from RTE to GPX, using either Fugawi or GPSBabel, into a form of GPX compatible with the Extrex20x, and then connect the Etrex20x to the PC and download it directly (into the Garmin/GPX directory), by connecting with a mini-USB cable, and opening it as a removable disk.

    You shouldn't need to use the old Etrex as an intermediary...

    The manual, as expected from Garmin, is useless.

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    Check Garmin eTrex 20x Manual and follow all instructions about connecting third party software to Garmin. Also make sure before connecting your software to GPS device it must that all updates should be downloaded in it.

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