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Thread: Salomon XA Pro 3D Shoes For Fellwalking

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    Just wondered if anyone has tried using these shoes for fellwalking, as opposed to trail running.

    I have a pair that fit well, but I'm not entirely convinced by the depth of the tread. A stroll over Claife Heights last weekend made me a bit sceptical about the grip in muddy conditions. But as to how they cope with wet rock etc, I'm not sure- anyone got any opinions?

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    I have used them and the Ultra version for years and they are absolutely my favourite shoes for everything except snow and ice (where I use conventional boots). The main thing is that they fit me so things might be different for somebody else.

    I find the soles to be good on most surfaces and no worse than any other shoes I have tried on wet/greasy rock (certainly much better than some Merrell shoes I once owned). They are quite stiff so they give some protection on stoney or rocky ground. The internal "sock" rather than a normal tongue make then a bit fiddly to get on but they are very stable once they are on and the Salomon lacing system is very secure and never seems to need adjustment once set.

    One final plus is that after at least 7 pairs which have lasted me well over a thousand miles each I can still get them, albeit with minor changes over the years, and they still feel the same. I do occasionally try something different but I have not found anything which suits me better yet.

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