The strength of third week list come out, NFL fans exciting moment come.
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The second week of the tournament came to an end in losing colt again, the last five ranked teams at the end of this week, actually all win, but rather before the season is widely favored to win the Seahawks and Colts brutally hot start season two-game losing streak. So in addition to successfully won two straight Green Bay Packers and New England Patriots still maintained the top two qualifying, but all the other teams are more or less on the ranking has ups and downs.

Arizona Cardinals rely on the outstanding performance of the first two Palmer climbed two among the top three list. Just before the season came in the middle of the Cincinnati Bengals came silently fourth place. Although Peyton - Manning on Thursday night race at the last minute to help the team reversed, but the Broncos can rise to 5th perhaps more because of the Seahawks and Bill's losing, and Romo's back injury. If there are no mistakes and losing so much of the game with the Broncos, Chiefs will not only occupy the sixth position. Bill despite losing to the Patriots, but also considered heroic, so only lost one, ranked seventh. Steelers not only this week, killing 49 people, will be lifted back next week to welcome back star running back Bell, but their defense is still not optimistic compared to the attack, if they can beat the Rams in the third week, they rank Article 8 would certainly be higher now. Who would have thought such a neat jet performance beat pony, especially manufactured Mubarak four turnovers, up 11 to the ninth week, has become the most rising team. Julio - Jones won the best ball this week, his team has won two in a row, ranked among the top 10 power list.<a href='' target='_blank' rel='nofollow'>cheap NFL jerseys

Other team up with larger decreases are: Seahawks lost two straight, from the list of the first pre-season has slipped to No. 11. Although the Cowboys got a two-game winning streak, but Bryant and Romo after another injury to people's expectations will naturally be down a lot, ranked No. 13. Although Peterson once off the ball mistakes, but the data perspective is finally swept away the haze of the first week, won the home opener of the Vikings also rose 8, came 16th. But came in behind them is just suffered a "Black Monday," the pony, pony ranked No. 3 before the season, a free fall to 17th.
Jaguars last week ranked fifth Lectra dolphin, up 10. Redskins ranked fourth and last third of the Raiders rise together nine. Last week's penultimate Brown came in before the Titans, occupied 25th. And last week, the pirates leave at the end of the vice squad once again, ranked 30.
And last week, the situation is similar to two, with the two-game losing streak and will lose the main quartile in the next few weeks, the Saints and the Chicago Bears might want to bring up the rear position hold together for warmth while.

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