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Thread: Hydrophobic Down - long term opinions ?

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    Just wondering what folk think about hydrophobic down ? - particularly interested in opinions coming from those that may have used a jacket in heavily conditions on multiday trips ..

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    If all else is equal I don't see why you'd not want it... But that doesn't alter the fact that it's going to work better if you don't get it wet so in practice you'd use it somewhat like normal down in any case.


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    The majority of down jackets have hydrophobic down now.

    I doubt that there's many people who will have gained any significant benefit from it though as it's mainly one of those things that's helpful when things go pear shaped rather than much of a benefit in normal usage.

    If you regularly find that your jacket is wetting out then consider it along with the new primaloft Gold down blend (sounds like a coffee brand) but I'd be inclined to go for synthetic insulation then.

    It will be a couple of hundred grams heavier but will be more versatile and you may find that a bit less warmth means usable in greater temperature range.

    Unless you're planning to go somewhere very cold of course...

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