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Thread: Which winter mat?

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    This has probably been done before, and I know Winter is a little while off, but I want to camp in total comfort when the temps start to drop, so planning ahead.

    You may have read about my sleeping bag problems, and know that I sleep super (like a corpse) cold. I think I have sorted the bag problem, so to be doubly sure I'm going to be warm, I want to upgrade my mat as well. So, if you were forced to choose between the two, which would you go for?

    On paper the Exped is the one for me, as its slightly warmer, in terms of R value anyway, more durable, and comes with the inbuilt pump. I also have the Synmat 7 to compare, so I know its comfortable. It can be bought for a little less than the Thermarest too. Don't know about the Thermarest, other than if you believe all the reviews, its the best winter mat to be had.

    What do you think?

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    The wonderful Windy folks of the fab OM Forum Heroes will soon be here to this thread I am most sure, to sort you out with all you need to know to keep warm when the snow comes!

    They even use carpet underlay to stay warm in their tents! They are the folks to go to for the best answer I do believe here!

    And fine fellows one and all they be!

    Underlay, underlay, ebar ebar!
    Trevor DC Gamble

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    I haven't tried that Termarest, Darra, but do use a Downmat 7 for winter, and I sleep the coldest of the cold sleepers on this Forum!

    It's comfy as well as warm

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    My gf is also a very cold sleeper, and finds the Downmat 7 is the most effective solution to sleeping warm in winter combined with a five-season bag, and Nalgene filled with very hot water.

    I use a Thermarest Neoair and a 9mm closed cell foam mat, which are lighter together than the Downmat. Also, the closed cell mat provides decent warmth even if the TAR fails for any reason.

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