There are more and more satellites used to spy on us, among them is the GPS system. The GPS system really help us a lot, but it also causes danger to us by exposing our locations. Because of that, GPS jammer is widely used in today's society. GPS jammer is a kind of device used to block GPS tracking equipments from receiving the signal that the GPS devices emit. In this way, all GPS devices will be out of service, and you are safe from the GPS devices. Please find below some detailed introduction about our latest GPS jamming blockers.

We have launched the latest two models of GPS jamming blocker this year: 110849 and 165006. The former one is Adjustable Cell Phone/WIFI/GPS Jammer, which can block the signals of GSM (925-960MHz), DCS&PHS (1805-1880MHz), 3G (2100-2170MHz), GPS (1500-1600MHz) and WIFI (2400-2500MHz). With such strong jamming capacity, this GPS jamming blocker can effectively prevent you from being disturbed by unexpected devices. This GPS blocker can work for 7 days continuously. Due to its professional jamming ability, it is usually applied in special locations, such as security service, military area, conference room, prisons, courts, etc. Besides, it can also used in Library, Museum, Household or other places. Moreover, we want to mention that the frequency of this device is compatible for European frequency (900/1800MHz).

The latter one is the 5-Antenna Portable Signal Jammer for GPS/Cell Phone/ Wi-Fi. Powerful and effective, this portable signal jammer can block all nearby Wi-Fi networks, GPS devices, and cell phone signals (on the GSM, CDMA, DCS and 3G bands) without interrupting any other electronic devices. Its portable size and easy operation bring people a lot convenience. Just turn it on in any where, it will keep you out of disturbances.

These above two models are our latest GPS signal jammer. Many other kinds of jammers are also available on our website. We are a leading supplier who offers all kinds of jamming devices. With years of experiences, we have enough confidence in our jammers and we can surely meet all your needs by providing you multiple choices. Come to our website, you will see all kinds of good quality jammers here.