I think you're all being a little hard! Put yourself alone with no one else about at all, within sight of escape but trapped. We know weather can get pretty gnarly and frightening. May have been a mistake recording the event on a camera phone, but its in his hand thinking of calling for help, so its the modern way. The feeling of fear can come at you anywhere, and losing heat your perception is also altered. Experience can make us overconfident and its Mam Tor, who would have really thought? If you're in trouble and been repeatedly knocked down, then you have a way of calling for help. You should do it. What after another hour the wind hadn't dropped and he's even worse off? Or then gets hurt alone and no ones about to help. What is an acceptable outcome for the media and critics, if he had means to help himself and didn't do it? He did the right thing, and shouldn't be intimidated.
So i've been pinned down in storms winds on Skye in a more precarious position, lost my gear, missed my escape route, and crawled out eventually the next day alone. No one was contactable there or knew exactly where I was. Wasn't sure exactly where I was anyway. I wouldn't have been missed for days, not my best move. Does Mountain Rescue come out to recover the body if anyone ever found me? Who made the bigger mistake? Just one of my many past solo stupid misadventures! Experienced and equipped, yes. I knew far better than that! Frightened, oh yeah.