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    is it possible to fit a zpacks hexanet bug shelter in a MLD silnylon duomid ? I placed an order over a year ago with oookworks for an duomid inner, it looks likeley that sean has gone bust! he still owes me £175 just have to move on.

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    Read the measurements for both. Don't MLD make solomid inners which will fit the duomid?

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    So, how did you pay your ??175? If it was Credit Card/Pay Pal, surely you can claim it back, like Creatamax did.

    As regards to your Inner question, I have used various inners in a Duomid.
    The inners from the Luxe MP2 fits.
    The Inner from the Cricket tarp fits.
    The Duomid is nearly 9ft long, and you can tweak most of these inners to fit a Mid.
    I even managed to fix the Inner from the Copper Spur 1 into a Mid.

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