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    Going there today for the weekend. Was heading to Great Ayton first and Roseberry Topping. Ideas?

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    Petch the Butchers in Great Ayton..Best mince pies i've ever had...Good Circular walk from Gt Aytonover Roseberry Topping(sure i had that on a trifle once) via captain cooks monument...If your looking for a canny campsite i sometimes use Hookhousefarm at Robinhoods bay..good views of the bay,cliffs and Ravenscar..Should be quiet at this time of year..

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    Thanks Hillreps. Too late to wild camp tonight so saw a £5 site at Kildale. Tents only so it's a compromise.

    gotta' find a good wild camp tomorrow tho'......up on the moor mebee??

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