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Thread: Talkback: Using A Heart Rate Monitor In The Hills: Part 1

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    Am I the only one who finds they restrict breathing?

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    Gazelle, check out the new Mio wrist monitor.. my wife never got on with chest straps but loves hers

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    I use one a lot. It's quite difficult to stay in zone 1 when hill running though, I find it more useful on flatter sections!

    Agree that 220 minus age is very rough. My Max HR has only changed by a couple of beats in over ten years.

    Looking forward to Part 2!

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    There are a number of different formulae for calculating age-related HRmax. they're all based on statistical sampling (and, as such, can only ever provide a guideline. not a rule). Wiki has a good summary.

    And yes, I find a chest monitor can be quite restrictive.

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