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Thread: Cleaning smelling leather gore tex boots

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    Just got back from a trek and my leather meindl burma boots stink, not sure how to fully clean them inside as they are leather boots with a gore tex liner. I've always wax the leather but never had smell problem before.

    Any tips to clean them/get rid of smell without damaging leather or gore tex ??

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    I assume to smell is something to do with moisture - that's the only cause of smell I've ever had in my Burma Pro's - so chuck some foil in the bottom (in a slight tray shape around the inside of the boot) then some wood pellet litter or cat litter. Leave for 24 hours somewhere dry (airing cupboard etc) and empty the tray.

    Has done the job for me a couple of times - the wood pellets just suck any moisture out of the boot, and the smell goes with for whatever reason.

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