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    If you want the best you do have to pay. These days you can get a long way towards as good for less than a tenner since Bolle started doing a line of "safety glasses". Not for sale in your local designer sports emporium, but easy to find online.


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    I've often been willing to pay for genuine quality if it'll deliver a benefit, but with eyewear I've gone a similar way to Pete. In the past I've spent quite serious money on sunglasses for walking, biking and skiing, using models from the likes of Bolle and Adidas, but somehow always felt a bit short-changed.

    By the time I needed some new ones last year, I'd reached the view that plenty of makes are "more than good enough" regarding features and quality, and actually, as with a lot of kit, fit is pretty important. I ordered 4 different cheap/mid-priced models online and ended up keeping a 30 pair by Northwave, a respected but perhaps less well known Italian cycling brand. A year on I've been massively impressed with them and worn them far more than I ever did the more expensive ones. If there's any reduction in optical quality it's certainly not enough for me to notice. And at that price it was an easy decision to go back for a second pair to acquire some additional lens options and to make it easier to share them between pack, car and bike.

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