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Thread: TMB hut booking

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    We're two girls who are a bit in over our heads doing the TMB in July. Is there any use in booking all the huts, for the whole trip, in advance? Or are we better off booking one hut at a time as we go?

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    If you really feel that you're in over your heads, then I'd say there was no point booking in advance, if you're not 100% confident of getting to every hut you book. Instead, it might be worth booking one day ahead, based on how well you're performing on the trail. Once you're in your first hut, be realistic about how far you think you can walk the following day, and when you leave, get the hut guardian to phone/radio ahead to the next hut and sort out a booking for that night. Do the same thing every night, and it should work out OK.

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    Do as Paddy says. Weather could well affect your progress.

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