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Thread: Talkback: Peak District National Park Gets Google Street View

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    This seems pretty awesome, but again, will it make the world 'smaller'?
    I personally love Google streetview and sometimes revisit places or check out places I am planning to travel to.
    It might even help with route finding as long as peeps don't abandon maps and GPS when out walking.

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    Well give it, what, twenty years and you'll be able to go there in a decent VR set up

    (Might be more like ten actually.).

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    the thing is, its already a smaller place - we climbed scafell pike the other weekend, and took the corridor route - as it was our first trip up scafell pike, I did a quick review on google and found loads of blogs, trip reports, pictures and even videos of the route.

    Still used my map and compass when I got there like especially when checking the start of the corridor route.

    reading about or watchingroutes is great, but getting out on the hillitself will always be better

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    Huh... you won't catch me making a video on Scafell Pike...

    Coz I've already done one!

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    Sod off, Google

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