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    Hi all, new here. I've been using Garmin's Basecamp for a little while, and am running into problems. When I first started using the program, I would transfer a route I had made to my GPS. It would take seconds to transfer-- perfect. Now, I have a whole boatload of routes that have been created over a couple of years. Today I made a rather short, uncomplicated route, and tried to transfer it. It takes 5 minutes or more! I think what's going on is, when I hit "transfer," Basecamp starts transferring every route I have ever made, instead of just the selected one. With frustration, I deleted most all of my older routes. Now they're gone from Basecamp, but when I try to transfer my new route, it still takes forever. When I turn on the GPS, ALL of the routes, even the deleted ones, are transferred again to the GPS. How do you transfer just the ONE route you're interested in working with? Or, how do you COMPLETELY delete routes from Basecamp?

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    Right click on the route/track and select 'Send to' from the options that appear.

    That said, Basecamp is a pretty horrible package.

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