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Thread: Talkback: New Satmap Active 12 Available Sping 2014

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    The satmap 10 is a good bit of kit the last thing i want in the hills is my phone on which people can call me on . I keep my phone off just in case there is a need for a full battey for an unexpectedevent.

    Most normal people will need to check wthere they are at some point and a gps will do it veryquickly don`t nock it

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    I go out into the hills with just a needle andleaf compass,a thumbnail sketch of the UK and wear a hessian sack proofed with condor tears. Raaaar!

    Seriously though, carrying a gps as backup makes total sense, another tool to get you out of trouble if needed.Mountain Rescue Teams carry and use them.

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    But OMers like to keep the old skills alive. Unfortunately, they don't get out much - too busy chopping wood for the fire, growing oats, milking the cow, darning socks, etc. I use my map and compass as a backup to the GPS on my phone (and a bicycle in the boot in case my car breaks down on the way to the hills..... )

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