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Thread: online route planning

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    I need an online route planner which I can use to guide others to a planned walk. I've had a quick look at MapMyHike, which looks fine. I've also used wheresthepath before.

    I need to be able to reopen and redraft my plans.

    Are there others which are good? anyone got favourites?

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    I use the WalkHighlands GPS planner. OS Explorer mapping, plop your waypoints down (and drag them around the create mini-waypoints etc.) Comes up with details of distance, ascent/descent and Naismith. You can then save it as a GPX or KML file, and re-open later in the planner (or Viewranger or dedicated GPS unit.) I think it's a fantastic tool.

    I'd link it but I'm not sure if I'd be breaking forum rules, so do a google - it'll come up.

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    Another vote for WalkingHighlands.

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