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Thread: Walking the Lakeland 100?

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    Hi folks -

    Has anyone just walked the Lakeland 100 route, rather than ran it?

    If so can you give an indication of how long it took?

    I'm looking to do something next year as a fundraiser but as a non-runner I quite fancy this as a multi-day walk.

    Any thoughts / advice would be most welcome.

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    Well they give the stats - 169km, ~7 km up and down (105/25,000 in imperial) converts to 45-50 hours on Naysmith.

    It obviously depends how fast you move and how long the days are Bed and breakfast walking time does tend up fairly like 9-6ish so 5/6 days. Going myself I'd be aiming at something vaguely like that.

    Most people are a bit slower than Naysmith though, so 7/8 perhaps. 9/10 days for the sorts of speeds often quoted in guidebooks.

    If you really pushed it in summer with minimal time spent camping and very long days I can see it being managable in 3 very long days. It'd be rather brutal though.

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    Cheers Martin - you've pretty much calculated the same as me. I think it'll be long summer days and aiming for 5/6 days if possible (I wouldn't get a pass out for longer anyway... ).

    This blogbreaks the route down per race checkpoint (15 in total), and it seems logical to be able to bundle 3 checkpoint sections into a day. That ends up being around 20 miles per day, give or take a few miles variation either side. There's obvious b&b's at each day's end too, bar Howton which is more limited.

    Tough going no doubt, but hopefully doable!

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    Thank you!

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    Walking the Lakeland 100

    Looks better than The Walking Dead. I gave up the show during s4 but this Ill watch. 1/3

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