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Thread: TGO subscription offer very poor customer services

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    I recently emailed and called TGO to ask if i could start my TGO subscription and get a free osprey mutant pack worth £99.00, I made it very clear that if they could not supply me with a pack then i did not want to get the subscription, they made it clear that if there was a problem they would contact me first.but after they have taken the money from my account, I emailed just for an update and they have amazingly now ran out of the osprey and are trying to send me a vaude 15l piddly day sack worth £30, im really unhappy, has any one else been conned into a subscription for this item? , a member on here has received his and advertised it it the classified forum then put it straight on ebay !!!

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    If TGO staff see this please go to Sean's other posts and read the comments there. It would be nice to see a reply from TGO about these offers and just how limited is the stock for these type of offers.

    Personally I would rather see TGO offer sacks like the mutant and other products of this value guranteed supplywith a two year subscription rather than a possibly, maybe on a one year subscription.

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    It's always bugged me that new subscribers get such better deals than long-term loyal customers. I do wonder if it's worth stopping one's subscription to then become a new subscriber but I was told yesterday that I'd have to wait a fullyear to become a 'new' subscriber. Probably worth it to get one of the really good deals - then, if one can be bothered, to get the mag from the local mag shop.

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    Exact same thing happened to me. I'm not too bugged because i still get to read a great magazine every month, but it did seem something of an empty promise... Really could have used that mutant....

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