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Thread: Talkback: A Lucky Sign For Climbing's Olympic bid?

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    Ok, so my last comment was a bit alarmist, I agree. But, I still don't think it makes for a great spectator sport. Now I admit I have never been to an actual event. However, as I struggle to watch more than a few minutes on TV/online before being bored I figured I could save the entrance fee. I don't have any particularly strong feelings about it and I certainly wouldn't block it. I am curious as to how many people who climb feel strongly about it.

    But Nikalas, I can't see how top roping any route, regardless of how easy it is, is good or should be advocated. It just spoils that route by making it polished for when people learn to lead and then have a scary time on what should be a straight forward climb... but really, that is just me getting off topic. Sorry.

    I do stand by my comment about indoor and outdoor climbing being two very different things!

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    There's no shortage of not-very-good spectator sports at the Olympics, though I suspect it'll quite possibly be a pretty major factor in whether the IOC introduce it. There again, open water swimming is a recent add, and while I thoroughly approve of it as a sport I wouldn't want to watch it... "And third distant bobbing blob around the mark is... someone in a dark cap! (perhaps)"

    I do stand by my comment about indoor and outdoor climbing being two very different things!

    I agree, but there's no shortage of sports derived from the "real thing" that have validity in their own right. Much as open-water swimming is a very different beast to pool based swimming, Judo's not really the same as being in a fight and biathlon isn't much like stealthily creeping through forests on skis, sniping at Soviet conscripts and sneaking back in to the wilderness!

    Most climbing comps I've seen are about final height, and clipping bolts as you go. A very different game from speed-toproping!


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    Don't think it would be ideal and within the Olympic spirit to have a nice war or battle proir to the start of the marathon never mind that little additionbecause ofcertain royalty.

    I think the only way we will find out how good or bad a climbing event will beis if it is introduced because so much will come down to how they stage/organise the event and what will or will not be included. I hope if they do they take a page from events that involve the crowd maybe watch the x-games for ideas on how to achieve this.

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