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    I have had the Fjallraven Nordli for several years for around town. I agree more or less with everything Jon says.

    G-1000 is a very good alternative to other soft shell materials. Tough, feels nice (like canvas), but still quite light and with good wind and rain protection (has withstood very heavy short downpours). Good build quality and different old school looks too. Would consider one like this for outdoors use. But pricey! Check out "the numbers" collection for real old school kit with eye-watering prices!

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    National flags on gear is fair enough but it's a bit cynical if they've taken production abroad. A few UK brands been guilty of that.

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    As much as I like my Fjallraven gear, the quality and durability has gone down hill in the last 4 or 5 years imho. An older pair of Barents has outlasted both a pair of Karl and Greenland trousers. The G-1000 is notably thinner to the touch and much more prone to snagging I've found.
    Certainly not a waterproof no matter how much Greenland wax you put on it, I find my ventile layers much better suited to the wet stuff.

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    Just a few extra pointers. The chest pockets are mesh lined. That is perfect for ventilating, when you are working hard uphill. Also the 2 buttons holding the stormflap down over the top of the zipper make another excellent ventilation opening w/o leaving your chest exposed..

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