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Thread: Talkback: Black Diamond's New Rechargeable Headtorch

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    Looks really nice; I love the idea of rechargeable batteries it makes a lot of sense. The price seems a bit steep, especially when you can get the much more powerful icon for a similar price.

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    This strikes me as a much better approach than Petzl's recent trend towards specific li-on batteries, definitely more versatile for multi-day and remote trips. I guess li-on helps with burn times on the most powerful lights.
    Jon, do BD say whether it'll handle lithium AAAs as well as alkalines?

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    I'll ask about the lithium cells. It comes with a set of NiMH rechargeables and a set of alkaline expendables in the box. The plus over the Icon, I'd say, is not needing a separate charger for your rechargeables. As far as value goes, it's getting really hard to make comparisons based on SRPs and RRPs as kit is being widely discounted online.

    To be fair to Petzl, the Tikka Core versions can easily revert to AAA cells as standard, it's just slightly more fiddly than with the BD version and even the Nao can, I think, go over to standard cells as an emergency measure.

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