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    I've enjoyed reading this month's tgo -sorry if this is a bit of mish-mash but:

    1. Thought the editorial was excellent in its strong line on access in England and Wales - why don't we see more of this sort of thing from the E&W Ramblers (for example)?

    2. Very interesting "introduction" to snowshoeing - which I was only vaguely aware of from reading some stuff from American running articles.

    3. Thanks for the directions to the access/deer management survey - questionnaire.

    4. Enjoyed the mid-Wales backpack article - I've done a similar route the soft way using Youth Hostels at Llanbedr, King's, Corris, Dinas Mawddwy and Cynwyd (not sure if they're all still going). However - anybody planing on repeating the route and thinking of dropping in at the Cross Foxes Inn please check first as it was very CLOSED last time I passed (boarded up in fact) - last April.

    5. Gear reviews - according to Needlesport the Grivel Alpine 42 has been discontinued. It is being replaced by a 52 litre version though.

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    Cross Foxes is still very closed

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