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Thread: Osprey Aether 65 v Osprey Crescent 60

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    Just bought one each of these from eBay and a local source, and in the pictures they look almost identical (both are green / black). They are both a few years old, not current models, so I wondered what the experts out there thought was the better of the two packs?

    I plan to keep one and sell on the other, but need advice on which (on paper at least) is supposed to be the better sack?

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    On paper? Check the reviews on here say. They seem rather similar and they've been updated at various times anyway.

    Anyway the useful thing to do is to load both them up with what you'll want to carry and see if they're equally comfortable to carry. If they are then weigh them and keep the lighter one if any notable difference.

    If still similar then compare features (probably similar), or just toss a coin

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    I have the older model Aether 65 and am very pleased with it, don't know anything about the crescent. I bought the Aether after trying virtually every sac in every outdoor shop in Covent Garden over a 3 evening period (I was on a course and bored)

    Steve D

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