Quick follow-up - took the Tevasphere's out for a steady six-miles on a mix of pavement and slightly rougher stuff last night. Initial impressions are that they're not particularly cushioned, as you'd expect from a trail shoe, and actually make a robust thud noise on pavement.

They also made me realise that I've altered my running style slightly as a result of using more minimal trail shoes generally and I had to consciously try and heel strike, that got easier with faster, longer strides and the strike to push-off transition did feel very smooth, which suggests that the rounded heel is doing something.

Finally, they felt incredibly stable underfoot even running in the dark on uneven ground. That pod arch thing does seem to work - which makes sense as you're on a wider than normal base. Never felt off balance or as if I would turn my dodgy left ankle. Could be good news for habitual ankle turners everywhere...

Early days and hoping to get out later with these and some other trail-running new shoes for a proper off-road outing.