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Thread: New podcasts of interest?

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    I haven't mentioned them here for a while however I thought I would just let people know I've recently released four which may be of general interest and help pass this first week back at work.

    No 352 and 353 - Keith Foskett - A UK thru hiker who has tackled the Camino de Santiago in Spain, the Pacific Crest Trail and now the Appalachian Trail both in the USA. Also nominated as Outdoor personality in the recent TGO Awards.

    No 354 and 355 - The future of Ultralight Gear - The first in a series of discussions with some of the 'still standin'g key players in the ultralight cottage industry. Starting wih Ron Moak of Six Moon Designs.

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    thanks Bob, just listened to the Ron Moak interview. Wonder what the new innovative products will be? Are you sworn to secrecy?

    Is it likely/possible that you might become a Six Moons retailer?

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    Enjoyed those thanks Bob

    Stuck the ultralight ones on my ipad too for listening to in camp sometime.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mole View Post
    thanks Bob, just listened to the Ron Moak interview. Wonder what the new innovative products will be? Are you sworn to secrecy?

    Having listened to the interview i bet you a dollar it's mass produced (in Asia) lightweight kit suitable for high street retail that's idiot proof.

    Nothing is meant by that, if it encourages people to go out and enjoy the fresh air all power to the man. I loof forward to the prices!

    Of course I could be wrong and often am.

    Bob I really enjoy the podcasts, in fact I would go as far as to say I might even enjoy my long commute to work as a result.

    You did make me laugh though in the intro though, listing Andy Howell in the same league as some people who actually achieve something of note or are true innovators suck as Skurka, Townsend etc that cracked me up, as far as I can see Andy Howell is the male Tiplewart Seadevil of the ultra light world. Anyway I am just being picky and cant thank you enough for taking the time and effort to produce such an outstanding resource.

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