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Thread: Storey Arms parking

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    I'm looking at walking up Pen-Y-Fan using the Storey Arms car park as the start.

    Can anyone advise roughly what time the car park gets full at? I'm planning on going on a Saturday in May, but not the bank holiday weekend. Is there alternative parking if that one is full?


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    It depends on the weather.

    The Pont ar Daf car park has been at restricted capacity atm because of tree-felling, not sure if / when it'll go back up to full capacity, I haven't been up there for 3 weeks now.

    If it's fab weather, the car parks could be filled up by mid morning, especially the Storey Arms one which is smaller and more popular.

    If it's filled up, drive a couple of hundred metres north on the A470 to SN 977 204 where there's a large layby on the left that's only filled up on fantastic sunny days when there's heaps of snow on the ground.

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    Thanks Kate. Looks like I'll have plenty of time for breakfast.

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