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    I was curious what happened given the awful weather this winter (I don't do Facebook), but googles only show posts about the planning stage. Managed to track this down:

    'I have been quite quiet over the past couple of weeks and I apologise for that. The reason being is last Friday a major sponsor of mine went into Administration a wee bit stuck so I regret to inform you that my trip this winter has had to be pushed back to next winter. In the 12 month gap though I plan on taking on as many challenges as my work timetable allows. The first such adventure is the Spine Race in January. If any one has any other suggestions of things to do to help pass the time then please let me know. Thanks for following me so far and I hope you all decide to follow me for the next 12 months or so.'

    I don't have any strong feelings about the cancellation - bit embarrassing after all the hoopla, but these things happen. However, I am curious about how the sponsorship worked for what (I'm assuming) is Ben's first try at something like this, with no prior history. Any thoughts?

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