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Thread: Whats happened to TGO Digital??

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    Can any of you experts tell me what has happened to TDO Digital?

    I have been a follower of Chris & Cameron since the days of Footloose and more recently with TGO digital via Zinio.

    However as part of the recent "change" the digital issue started to be sent by email link - and is only available for the current month - i.e if I open a link to the November 2011 back copy it connects me with March 2012! - and all the old copies are "lost" - that is not what a digital subscription should do in my view.

    I have asked several people at TGO about this problem - but they all appeared completely ignorant of this issue (pardon the pun).

    Does anyopne know the answer to this - I would like to keep an electronic library of back copies (not least to save paper, cost and storage space) and this seemed to be a great solution whilst delivered via Zinio but at the moment I am wondering whether I am better off with my subscription to (Ryan Jordans USA site)where there is an excellentsearchable library and some great articles (for example - Journey on the Wild Coast as to be shown at SHAFF this year was published in 2007-8 together with detailed gear lists.)


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    Hi Anthony,

    Sorry to hear you've had problems accessing back issues with our digital edition ‚?? but we've identified and fixed the problem now and your access to back issues has been restored.

    Thank you for your continued interest in TGO.


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