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Thread: Wanted: Petzl or Black Diamond headtorch

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    Off on a long Central American trip this winter and don't want to take my best expensive-to-replace kit so am looking for a small cheap headtorch by either Petzl or BD to take. Not too fussed about what model, but LED and AA or AAA batteries would be best, and so long as it works that'd be great.

    I'll end up leaving it with the community health clinic I'm working at, so cheap is best too!

    Also if anyone has one of those Eagle Creek money belts that's a normal belt with a zip in it, I'm after one of those too.

    My old email no good so: [email protected] is the best way to contact me.


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    Hi Jay,

    Did you get sorted yet for these items?

    I have one of the Eagle Creek money belts, brand new and unused - I bought it before a trip to Nepal in April but ended up not taking it.

    I may also have headtorch possibilities:

    The closest to your requirements is probably a Petzl Tikka XP (the original, not the newer XP2), that takes 3 AAAs

    I also have a redundant Black Diamond Gemini (3 AAs) which is a LED/Halogen hybrid. The single LED (inside the reflector head) gives good general light with massive battery life, and if you need real high power the halogen bulb provides it, but obviously drains the batteries in a few hours.
    Finally an older BD Ion, a tiny 2LED torch but it takes an odd battery (544 iirc) so maybe less suitable.

    Anyway, PM me if any of these are of interest...

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