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Thread: Camping cooler made of cardboard !

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    Just saw a new cooler made of recycled cardboard! It was made to respect the environment and keep the goods cool. Thinking of trying it. What do you think ? Could be great.

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    Send us some free samples John and we'll let you know.

    Until then..... take a hike

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    If you're looking for some good coolers for camping here you go:
    No cardboard ones on here though...

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    This is seemingly an old thread, but I'll add my two cents.

    One nice aspect of the soft side coolers is when unzipping it to get a beer, you expose very little to the warm air. They seem to tolerate frequent use better than the hard side coolers. That said, the don't provide the ultimate ice retention the hard sides do assuming you don't keep opening them. I have a hopper 30 and Tundra 65 like this

    There are many interesting Youtube videos on this subject, I leave one here, maybe it will help someone in the future. Good Luck

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