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Thread: Talkback: Did My Ice Axe Summit Everest?

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    Nice one Jon! And my respectful congratulations to Kaji.

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    Many congratulations to Kaji.

    And perhaps also to Jon's ice-axe

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    Good way to re-cycle gear.

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    Nice piece, Jon

    "He was open, friendly, smiling and brilliant company, not least because having him there meant I learned so much more about the local region and culture.

    "... he was never resentful or downbeat, just friendly, helpful and all-round lovely."

    Those sentiments are just so true of so many of the Nepalese I met earlier this year. Given how hard many of their lives are, I just don't know how they do it.

    I'd love to get back there and spend more time with the Nepalese friends I made.

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    He'd probably have summited yonks ago if he hadn't had to drag Jon's axe around with him

    Tis a nice piece as Matt say's.

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    Thanks. It's actually surprisingly hard to get gear out to Nepal, though well worth doing if you can. Porters Progress runs an excellent clothing bank scheme which loans out protective clothing to porters.

    It's quite sobering to see the inadequate kit used by so many trekking porters in particular and humbling too. When things do go wrong - late season snow fall for example - it can all go horribly wrong.

    There's also an assumption that porters are, like Sherpas, physiologically suited to high altitude, but actually this isn't generally true. Sherpas adapated through thousands of years of living on the Tibetan plateau before shifting to Nepal, but most Nepalis are just as vulnerable to altitude sickness as you or I and often carrying a hell of a lot more.

    And yes, Nepal is lovely. I have proper itchy feet just thinking about it.

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