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    My daughter is going to Thailand with the college for 3 weeks in July.
    Has anybody any tips or useful info . She will be going to west thailand
    (Kanchanaburi) , Chiang Mai, and the edge of the rain forest.
    Any tips would be appreciated. Also does anybody know if malaria tablets are necessary,
    Our doctors seems to think it isnt, but other people going do.

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    I'd double-check with the WHO about the tablets. When I went to India, my GP said I didn't need any jabs or pills because "India is a very civilised place".
    When I phoned the WHO they hit the roof and I ended up having everything done privately. It was bizarre because my GP didn't know anything about what I was intending to do, or my lifestyle.

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    This site should be useful:

    It has the latest Gov. health advice for foreign travel.

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    That's a tricky one - as if you are just visiting Chiang Mai or the central areas you'd be OK, but as you get closer to the borders malaria protection becomes essential. I was there in March on a hilltribe trek, and took malarone, but that was mainly because I was going on to Cambodia

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