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Thread: Wheels for a large bag

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    I intend to take my folding bike and camping gear to cycle down the Somme canal towpath later this year. So that means on the travel there and back I am probably going to be carrying about 17 Kg for short distances. All large suitcases seem to have integral sets of wheels these days but one used to be able to buy a set that you could strap on to a suitcase. I want something like that to strap to my bike bag.
    Does anybody know if anything like that is still available and lightweight?

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    Google suitcase cart. I had one of these but eventully bought a ski bag with wheels,heavy though.

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    i've still got a set somewhere...but my top tip would be to either cannibalise a cheap wheely-suicase, cheap skateboard or make something from rollerblade wheels. or kids strap-on rollerskate wheels

    I've just fitted kids strap-on wheels and rollerblade wheels to my brompton & they're great

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