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Thread: Anquet and Windows Mobile 7

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    My Mio P360 is slowly dying so I need to replace it with something else that runs Anquet. Noone seems to do stand alone PDA's anymore so I will need to get a smart phone that runs windows mobile. Anquet's website states Pocket Anquet will run on WM 6 but doesn't mention WM 7. All the latest phones (such as they are - most run Android etc) run WM7. Has anyone managed to run Pocket Anquet on a WM 7 phone? If so I would be interested to know the battery life with it running.


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    I've just emailed Anquet, they said that Pocket Anquet is not compatible with WM7 or Android although they are developing the software BUT there's no release date yet!

    I'm in the same boat as you but it's my Navman PiN 570 that's died...

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    Hi, sort of similar situation re: Mio P350 - it's had to be reset and it's rebranded itself as Windows Phone 5. No end of issues since- would anyone know the correct GPS settings for Pocket Anquet? I have tried all sorts and used my initiative but no luck. The interface seems to have changed and I can't get it to work.... (No response yet from Anquet)

    I am hoping an Android or WinPhone7 Anquet app comes out soon too.



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    I since found the same as you two - that Anquet (and for that matter Memory Map) will not work on WM7.

    I therefore got a smartphone - an HTC Touch Pro2 which runs WM6.1. Both Anquet and Memory Map work on this, but both have their issues.

    Both have the issue that the maximum zoom level is one less than I can get on the Mio ie less magnified).

    Anquet is very slow - it is almost impossible to move the map - tiles will not re-draw. It also takes a very long time when you switch between maps or levels of magnification. It will however work fine with any size of map (cf Memory Map)and does livetrack well enough to use.

    Memory Map is much quicker - in fact very little lag, so this must be an Anquet issue not an HTC issue. However, I cannot get maps larger than around 40MB to load. Given that, for example, the Lakes in 1:25000 is 140MB this is an issue. The solution is to split the map into segments and send a bit at a time, but this is really fiddly.

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