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Thread: Talkback: Do We Just Need Less Stuff?

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    Yes, I was there on the second day (this student can't afford two days of conferences!) and it was an excellent event. It was my first academic conference and I felt an excellent one to go to: friendly people, excellent talks, and decent food too. I tried to eat enough to justify the cost of my train ticket, and got some way I think.

    The talk from Steve at Castle Climbing wall yesterday really hit me that if a company wants to change then with a bit of effort they can. They have the advantage that it is a business majority-owned by one person, meaning he has a lot of control, but by using that power effectively he has transformed a climbing wall in just a few years, and set a model to which all others should operate. I loved the real 'philosophical' argument that perhaps one day people will judge profits by environmental benefits, not financial gain.

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    I watched Steve's talk on the web stream and thought it was really interesting and I was impressed by what he's doing as a business. I know some of the smaller outdoors clothing and equipment brands find it frustrating that they don't necessarily have the resources to do everything they'd like to and the complexity of the process is quite intimidating, but it's good that the industry's also trying to put joint initiatives in place to improve things generally.

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