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Thread: Talkback: Montane Yukon Arctic Ultra On The Box Tonight

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    I think that Montane are missing a trick by not producing a clothing line for this event. For example, they are only just bringing out a box walled duvet jacket.

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    That'd be slightly tricky because you've got a combination of much colder temperatures than the UK and slightly crazy minimalists.

    Hence stuff like PHDs Yukon smock (designed for this), which is gorgeous but not something you'd see doing especially brilliantly in shops as a little too 'dedicated'.

    Actually Montanes extreme stuff could be very suitable for use when active during the race. Unless its still too warm for it

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    Noted, James was wearing some of Montane's kit (DT waterproof pants I think) as well as a relative smorgasbord of ME kit. I also clocked some PHD mits as well. A friend of mine did the 100 mile foot race a few years back and really enjoyed it. Like the idea of biking it though, sounds like a challenge for Jon ;-)

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