My knowledge of the internet consists of postingthe odd commenton here, bit of banking and accidentally stumbling across porn.

I do a bit of freelance work with a couple of outdoor companies which keeps me busy but I thought I'd do a bit independently and a website would be handy.

As luck would have it I was in PC World and saw this Mr Site package going for 15. Loads of accolades on the box, so I thought "OK give it a run". Got a very good (ok, quite good) site up and running in a few hours consisting of only 4 pages but that's all I need. No tears - no tantrums. Gets my vote. It's ideal if you're doing a hobby for a bit of cash. (Except I don't do cash, it's all invoiced.) There are more advanced packages if you need it.

It's hosted by Mr Site but this doesn't appear in your web address and costs 20 a year to renew.

And your not having my address because I couldn't take the piss taking.