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Thread: Hey from Glasgow

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    Hey Guys and Girls,

    Im craig hawthorn and i'm slowly getting more serious about climbing and mountaineering after a few walking trips abroad and i am looking for folks or walking clubs in and around glasgow for myself and a friend to tag along with? We aren't too serious, although i am looking at hopefully getting my mountain leader award over the next year or so, so anyone who could help me and give me advice with that, would be great

    We do have lots of experience and we dont take ourselves too seriously as we are two young guys, 18 and 19 but cause we are young we are like whippets up and down the hills

    anybody out there with advice and help let us know.

    take its easy

    hawthorn x

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    Hello hawthorn,

    Welcome to OM

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    Hello & welcome Hawthorn

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    Hi Hawthorn, welcome to the Forum

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