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    Any ideas of a good trek in Thailand, well I say Thailand but we're not 100% certain yet but have heard good things.

    So far we've thought we'll travel into Bangkok really because the flights are cheaper and aim for a 3 - 4 week back pack hostel trek with the last week to relax on a beach somewhere before the flight home.

    Ideas very welcome, if you have another idea for a budget moth away let us know.


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    We,ve just got back from 8 days in Thailand, as part of which we did a 5 day trek organised by Intrepid Travel, which we pre booked through Trailfinders.

    The first and last days were getting to and from the drop off hotel, but its nice to have a decent shower and bed to come back to and it meant we got to see some of the city as well. The walking was minimal but we stayed in village huts and rode elephants and bamboo rafts and all in all we had an excellent time. Also the trek locally was organised by a Thai company called the Educational Travel Centre, who seemed concerned to keep the local environment as unchanged as possible (apparently some villages are turning into human zoo's as a result of too many treking parties).

    Our trek was from Chiang Mai in the north of the country, a return flight on Thai Airlines from Bangkok cost 64.00 each.

    Intrepid also do longer tours both in Thailand and all over SE Asia so I'd recommend them for a look.

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    done two treks around various parts of northern thailand in 94 and 96 both on very low budgets.just go to the travel hostels and someone will fix you up.first trek i done was a piece of piss second one quite demanding with log bridges rivers to wade through long ascents even more leeches and w
    hat about the opium dens!
    return coaches are cheap as chips from the ko-san road in bangkok to chang mai but full of westerners,for a more thai experience use the cheaper better quality state buses ,you will be the only westerners on board!
    koi-samui was great for beaches but like much of thailand is now a little touristy but if you go a little further south into malaysia there is the wonderful perenthian islands.I visited in 98 and it was very underdeveloped but because of this the snorkelling was great!

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