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Thread: 3G network for Everest climbers

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    Mount Everest climbers can now surf the internet and make video calls through a 3G network, Nepalese telecoms firm Ncell says.

    The company has installed eight 3G base stations along the route to Everest base camp.

    The wireless network could help thousands of tourists who visit Mount Everest every year, Ncell claims.

    Climbers and trekkers in the Everest region have so far relied on satellite phones and a voice-only mobile network.

    Ncell, which is owned by the Swedish company TeliaSonera, says its highest 3G base station is near Everest base camp at 5,200 metres (17,000 ft).

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    I think this is a great idea.

    I know some people want to justg et away from it all sometimes but if you do need to contact home then you can.

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    It states that there was previously a "voice only" network available up there though, sure it's nice to be able to send a text but if it's an emergency then calling works just as well (although a posting on facebook from the summit of everest would be quite awesome).

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