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Thread: Talkback: New Outdoors Show For The NEC

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    Speaking from a retail perspective, the demise of any show is good news for customers and retailers. Shops have a more consistent flow of customers and prices can be more consistent when we don't have shows instilling a "buy now while it is stacked high" attitude. It's peculiar that the OIA is throwing it's weight behind the replacement show, one of the reasons we are not members of the OIA.

    The support by the OIA is a matter of financial viability (stating the obvious). It's a shame that the OIA are not interested in the wider picture.

    Phil Barber
    The Outdoor Pursuits Co-op.

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    The original OS show got kind confused, at the outset, the idea seemed to be that rather than a retail experience, it would be more of a showcase for brands and outdoor organisations and businesses.

    As it developed, it seemed to get much more of a retail slant - I know that for many brands, it was the only way of making the show financially viable and have a presence - partner up with a retailer and do special show details, even then most only broke even on it.

    I don't know what the answer to that is - or even if there is one.

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