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Thread: Hammock bivv vs 1 man tent vs bivy sack

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    Hammock bivv vs 1 man tent vs bivy sack

    This year I will go to MT for for archery elk, I've a base camp, but then we will hunt there so that we can fill in after 3 nights approximately. My question, what are the pros and cons of tents for 1 person? Beard sack, Bivy hammock and 1 tent? I want something that is lightweight and comfortable, but it also faces the elements, as it is not unusual to see rain ...
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    In my personal experience alot depends on weather conditons expected, mode of transport and distance.

    I use a hennesy hammock with a extra gear hammock underneath - This is a great set up in rocky, uneven wooded ground. The built in bug nets are a god send, and chilling in the hammock is very comfy. Main issues for me is weight as i dont have the super light version, (its o super heavy but i have lighter options and its not so great for cooler / windy weather, a must for tropics - you couldn't pay me to sleep on the ground in the jungle! Does take some getting use to if you are not use to hammock camping - and alot of people just dont get on with them - I ve survvied tropical rainstorms and bug infested swamps in a hennesy, though leaf cutter ants broke into my mates hammock and chewed big old holes in his sleeping bags.

    Tarp - with an extra bug net over the front - or sometimes I'lll just sleep under the bug net in good weather. Can be set up in different ways depending on weather / site conditions so its versatile Takes practice to get good and solid storm proof set ups, lots of fresh air. Probably my favorite set up if flat and ant free ground can be found. Disadvantages are its not as bug proof a.s a hennesy hammock or a proper tent but using a bug net to sleep under or cover the entrance really helps, and if the wind changes direction you can get water blown in during bad weather unless you opt for more closed set up.

    Bivvy sacks - depends on the design - some are like smaller 1 man tents and some are little more than a sleeping bag cover - you can get pretty good x military ones with built in bug net - tend to be weighty though.

    1 man tent - You can buy very good light weight twin skin tents these days that weigh in less than a kilo. Has the best weather and bug resistance. Super light weight materials arent so durable, can be a bit cramped for space. this is a review of done by some one else of the tent i use Ive pitched this on snow, above the tree line and out in the forest. It needs a window imop as its a bit coffin like - put i plan to modify it this year. For the weight its amazing. - its lacks decent porch space and is abit pricey, but great for light weight back packing where i dont have tonnes of gear anyway.

    Tarp tents - heard a lot of good things about these though never tried them - light weight, and fairly robust by all accounts.

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